A new idea to obtain clean fusion energy     

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Calculations (main page)

Computer simulation


Videos of simulation experiments SemFusor page


Valgetal, Matego, Valgebra (freeware educational games)

All calculations

11 Calculations (main page)
10.b Computer simulation
11.2 Various calculations
11.3 More calculations

11.4 Calculations electromagnet
11.5 Visualizing the electric field and some experiments
11.9 Applying magnetic mirror effect to the Sem Fusor
11.16 Trying to calculate the possibility of fusion
11.18 Replacing many particles by only one
11.22 Some speed, temperature and voltage calculations
11.23 Will voltage breakdown occur?
12.1 Applying a reversed magnetic bottle
13 Sem Fusor with six rings
14 Injecting electrons from the side
15 More experiments and calculation, only two rings
16 Two rings, generate D+ and e- in the centre (neutral beam)

Experiments 11.7 .. 11.9
Experiments 11.10a, b, c, d, 11.11, 1.12
Experiments. 11.14..11.17
Experiments 11.15  with increased mass and charge
Experiments 11.17.1.. 11.17.10
Experiment 11.21
Experiment 11.22

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