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Besides Valgetal and Matego, our star programs, we have developed some more educational software. The programs are suitable for high schools, and perhaps elementary schools, for students aged between about 11 and 17 years. They could of course also be used at home, to be a help with the homework.

These are Msdos programs. To run them in Windows 95, and higher, you can install the Msdos emulator "Dropbox" , see https://www.dropbox.com/
You will find instructions how to run Msdos programs with Dropbox.
Hint: After installing Dropbox, edit the file "DOSBox 0.74-3 Options.bat"


At the end of this file:

mount d: d:\"directory with the files of the Msdos programs"

Powers of Ten ---

Learn how to write powers of ten as decimal numbers, how to multiply and divide powers of ten, how to multiply with the square root and how to raise a power to a power to ten. There are seven different exercises. Also is it possible to play for a High Score, which will surely increase the motivation!

Special educational program, with a sober layout, but with effective exercises!

(12 screenshots of about 4 KB)

Download Powers of Ten

You'll receive the file: "PWten.zip (51 KB). After unzipping you can make a shortcut to your desktop of the main program Pwten.exe.
The software will work on almost every PC! (286, Pentium, Msdos, Windows 3.1, 9x, XP etc.)


Unique educational program in which you learn how to resolve second grade
equations. If you want you can even deduce the formula.

This program proofs that the ABC-Formula isn't at all boring!

(7 screenshots)

Download ABCFormule

ABCForm.zip, 72 kb, no install but easy to install (just create a shortcut to your desktop). The program is at this moment only available in Dutch, but perhaps its still possible to use it..

Linear Equations

These are equations involving only one variable, like x, and nothing complicated like powers or square roots. With this special educational program you learn how to resolve them. In four different exercises you make use of the following rules:

To solve an equation you may
1) divide both parts of the equation by the same number;
2) multiply both parts by the same number;
3) add the same number to both parts;
4) subtract the same number from both parts;
5) you may not divide by zero or multiply;
6) move terms from one part to the other part, but only if you
change the sign of those terms.

Like in our other programs, you hardly have to use pen and paper, and the exercises are not simply "questions with an answer", but a special kind of "dynamic-game-like-mathematics".

To challenge your knowledge, you can play "Valgebra": By manoeuvring the falling x-terms and numbers, you resolve an equation. But take care.., if you make a mistake, you are penalised by a reduction in the size of the container, which immediately makes it harder to control successive terms precisely!

Learn how to resolve linear equations in four "dynamic and game like" exercises, and test your knowledge in the challenging game Valgebra!

(24 screenshots of about 4 KB)

Download Linear Equations

You'll receive the file: "Equation.zip" (73 KB). After unzipping you can create a shortcut to the desktop of your computer of Equation.exe . The software will work on almost every PC! (286, Msdos, Windows 3.1, 9x, XP etc.)

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