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The author of Valgetal and Matego

Hello! My name is Rinze. I've studied applied physics and I've been working as a teacher for a while. At that time I ''fell in love'' with educational programs. I think it's quite refreshing to play sometimes with a nice program. My ideal software is of course instructive, with a clear interface, but it must also be a challenge. That's the reason I always try to make them like a game with a possibility to get a high score.

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The sociable town Zaragoza:
----------- The street where our office is located:

We are specialised in educational programs.

 For high-schools

Linear Equations (English) , Powers of Ten (English) , Valgebra (English) , Precise Numbers (Dutch) and Quadratic Formula (still in Dutch, but could be translated in English).

For nautical schools

Problems of Stability (in Dutch).

For shipping companies

Stability, draft survey in excel, hold drawings.

For elementary and other schools

Valgetal, Valgetal Tables, Matego and Eurobloks.

Our programs can, of course, also be used at home.

You need some special program? Contact us, perhaps we can make it for you.
We program in Pascal/Delphi.


Computer simulation of charged particles in a magnetic field and electric field.

www.sem-fusor.com  (possible to get nuclear fusion in a rather easy way?)


Rinze Joustra Software
Zaragoza, Spain, Europe
Tel. 00 34 976 075773
Mob. (Cell.) Phone: 00 34 669696560

Email: Rinze Joustra

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