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Add the falling numbers

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 Already from 1994, and probably the best math computergame that exists!

  Valgetal challenges you to complete basic math equations by controlling the placement of falling numbers. If you create a vertical column of three blocks, the number on top must be the sum of the two below it. If it isn't, you are penalised by a reduction in the size of the container, which immediately makes it harder to control successive blocks precisely. There are 20 progressively difficult levels to begin with, in each of the four math disciplines. A high-score board lets you post your name and results. The game's name means ''falling numbers'' in Dutch: English, Friesian, Dutch, German and Spanish interfaces are included. Although it's great fun, it's also an addictive learning tool that educators and students should check out!

Download Valgetal (764 Kb, new version 3.3, for all Windows 32/64 bits)

Valgetal msdos (54 kb )

Valgetal-msdos and Valgebra can also be played in Android with a tablet or smarth phone: install the ms-dos emulator "Dosbox" in your Android and copy the files of Valgetal or Valgebra via a cable usb from your pc to your Android.

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In Matego you have to eliminate the "number army" of your opponent. But take care... you are also under attack yourself! The game is very flexible: you can choose the level and the size of the armies, you can play at the right or at the left side and you can test your math skills against the computer or with a friend. Also you can select the language: English, German, Spanish or Dutch. You "fight" by making rapid calculations, firing and destroying the numbers of your opponent. Your weapons are all four basic math operators: adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing. The faster you play the more points you will receive. The High Scores list will surely increase your motivation!

Download Matego (861 Kb, 32 bits)

Download Matego 64 bits  
works also in 64 bits, but the 32 bits version is better)

World Championship Matego

Detailed game instructions Matego






-Valgetal Tables

Practise the tables of multiplications by playing with the falling numbers

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In Valgetal Tables you practise the tables of multiplication in quite a different way. Like in Valgetal there are falling down blocks with numbers, but this time you must try to make columns of two. If you have chosen, for example, to practise with "8", and you place a 5 on the bottom, then you must put a 40 above it to complete the equation: 5 x 8 = 40. Like our other programs, its interface is in more languages and a High Scores list is included. You can choose to practise with 1 till 20.

Download Valgetal Tables  (503 Kb, for Windows 32/64)

New version 2023-12, works now also in Windows 64 bits.
(without sounds)

If you have Windows Defender, it will possibly give an alert. But the file contains no vius: checked with various anti virus programs online.






Practise the change of the Euro

Screenshots: Netherlands Belgium Spain Germany

  Eurobloks is a challenging game in which you practise the change of the euro and the Spanish peseta, Dutch guilder, German mark or Belgian frank. In a rectangle are falling down blocks with numbers. The blue blocks represent euros and the green blocks the currency you have chosen in the main menu. The purpose is to make columns of a green and a blue block, but only if the values are the same. Otherwise you are penalized by a reduction in the size of the container, which will not make the game easier for you. You can play Eurobloks in English, German, Dutch, Spanish and Friesian.

Download Eurobloks (375 Kb, only Windows 32 bits)





Solve the equation by moving the falling components-



By playing with falling "x-components" and numbers you resolve a first grade equation. Quite a different and entertaining way to work with algebra! Ms-dos based (install yourself..)

Download Valgebra (41 kb)



World Championship Valgebra

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The newest version 3.3 of Valgetal is now available! We have renewed the appearance and the sound-effects of Valgetal, and also the way of calculating the high scores: an experienced player will now achieve the highest score starting in a high level.

Valgetal Tables works now also in Windows 64 bits!

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